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Education is serious business, especially for preschoolers. How much students learn in kindergarten can have an effect on their income for the rest of their life, according to economists from Harvard, UC-Berkeley and Northwestern University, so it’s no surprise that parents want the best prekindergarten education for their kids. A mother in New York City […]

An article in the New York Times last week looked at the statistical model for evaluating teachers known as value-added assessment. Value-added assessment is a way of assessing student performance by comparing a student’s current performance to their past performance to see how much they have improved; this is usually assessed using standardized tests. The […]

Here’s a neat video describing a recent set of experiments designed to associate individual cells in the brain of a mouse to specific functions (in this case, how the mouse’s brain processes visual stimuli). It’s a neat demonstration of how learning and memories can lead to changes in neuronal connections. Even though it was a […]