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If you haven’t seen the immensely popular video yet, it’s embedded below: And here are my stream-of-consciousness thoughts on this topic: In schools, getting a high grade is a quantifiable demonstration of your knowledge, and is seen as validation of your ability and status. This is similar to the world of work, where making lots […]

I discovered some interesting books on my travels through the internet last week, so I made a trip to the bookstore. I drifted to the teaching/education section of the store, and was flipping through John Taylor Gatto’s book “Weapons of Mass Instruction”, a critique of modern compulsory schooling. After reading a few passages, a tiny […]

As a tutor, I deal with lots of children with learning disabilities, some more severe than others. After looking at the background of some of these kids, it’s clear that there’s a certain causality to these developmental delays. Let’s look at a generic example. He was adopted from an orphanage¬† at the age of 2 […]