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High school math teacher Dan Meyer recently gave a talk at the TEDxNYED event, where he discussed ways to redesign mathematics education. Here‘s a link to the video on Dan’s blog. I think he makes a crucial point in this talk; namely, that teachers aren’t presenting problems in a way that is conducive to student […]

If you’re not familiar with Neil deGrasse Tyson, he is an American scientist well known for his role in popularizing science. He’s been featured on the Colbert Report 6 times, for good reason. His talks are engaging and quick-witted, and he does an excellent job of explaining the beauty of science. Here he is discussing […]

According to a new study published in Psychological science, quicker feedback may elevate levels of learning and performance. The paper itself is located here (pdf). In the study, students were told they would receive feedback on presentations they gave. Those who were told they would be given feedback sooner received higher grades than those who […]