This is a blog!


Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. Please, have a seat.

I see you’ve stumbled across my new blog. Let me tell you what it’s about.

I started this blog as a way to collect, organize and reflect upon information that comes my way. I recently graduated with a masters degree, and am trying to find my place in the world aka the “quarter-life crisis”. I wonder if the quarter-life crisis is a recent phenomena? Perhaps it’s a symptom of the modern way of life?

And this is why I’ve started a blog. I want to address issues that are important to me and (I hope) important to others out there in the world. For example, I hope to write about teaching and the education system. It is a complicated issue, both psychologically (e.g. understanding how a child’s cognitive development affects their ability to learn) and sociologically (e.g. what place does the education system have in society). Well, I guess it’s also philosophically complicated…maybe even grammatically complicated?

Anyway, these are examples of the types of things I’d like to discuss on this blog. I will try to avoid bloviating too much, as I’m sure my opinions matter little to a random reader who happens upon my blog. I will try to be reasonably objective in order to maintain the interest of current and potential readers (the only current reader right now is myself, so I hope I can hold my own interest).

Yet, interests change. Priorities are re-organized. So I cannot promise you that this blog won’t devolve into a compendium of modern quilting techniques.

And really, could you blame me?

So, dear reader, that is that. I hope you find something interesting on this blog, and  to be honest, I hope I find something interesting from this blog. Assuming I make more than one post, of course. There are approximately 1.6 million untouched blogs out there [citation needed], one of which is a blog I used to maintain. We will  stay tuned, dear reader, stay tuned…


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